Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

As most mornings go, I am a few minutes behind and trying to play catch up by brushing my teeth while packing my bag and making my coffee to go instead of having it at home. After gathering my things, the last thing I do is look for my keys, wallet, and grab my jacket as a I step out of the door. I depend on finding these items in the same place each time, ready to go at any moment.

Upon returning home, I walk in the door and instinctively unload my coat and items, casually tossing things back in their designated places. And before anything else, I walk over to the corner to turn on the lights. The final touch to returning home.

The Swell Wall Hooks display our most used items. A place to hang our coats and hats, to leave our keys and wallets occasionally. The fiberglass prototype is a part of a busy and involved life beyond the home.

In a second iteration of the swell wall hooks, asymmetrically frames a mirror, introducing a third functional element.