Grad Studio I 
Fall 2020 
Ideal Chair Project Prototype 

The Ideal Chair project was an exploration of personal ethos and aspirations for a chair. 

I was initially interested in pursuing a dinning chair that combined an ethos of comfort with gathering. While thinking through this concept, I was discouraged by the current context and I pivoted to comfort with in quarantine and confinement. Comfort related to isolation became essential to my core ideal. I didn't want to present comfort and rest as luxury, but re-contextualized as strength, resilience, and adaptability that is associated with puffy jackets and down outdoor gear. Resilience then became an ideal in tandem with comfort.

The final design and prototype was ultimately a small lounge chair with a short seat back and winged arm rests. Its limit to full body lounging contributes to its function as an active space. The two main components that make up the chair are a metal tube frame and a stuffed, leather quilted sling. These separate elements contrast in materiality, but are unified in their final monochromatic light blue grey color.